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Background of the project 

Robot Technology R & D Elite Team Volkswagen, together with the LKK robot track special group to create a set of interactive food and beverage in a practical service catering robot, designed to create a service class robot industry benchmarking products. 


Based on product positioning and practical considerations, the product image is very limited, how to distinguish with the existing service-oriented robot to enhance product recognition, is the biggest difficulty of the project.


The project has been explored from two dimensions to enhance product identification. 
1, user dimension. Through the target user's in-depth analysis of the preferences of the robot, the definition of the Dick's exclusive style of the key word "technology Meng", the technology and Meng design elements of refining integration, to give products. 
2, the industry dimension. Through the analysis and comparison of service industry identification points, it is found that the service is the most suitable for the service identification point - "service tilt line", that is, service personnel in the service will be reflected through the body slightly tilted attitude, this point to design Transformation into the product, and ultimately showing the body of the graceful charm of the service robot Alan. 

Summary of results 

Alan on behalf of the Chinese robot debut 2015 Milan Expo, by domestic and foreign experts attention and praise. Has been in China more than the library, conference center, shopping malls, brand promotion activities and other places debut, to provide quality services to attract many eyes. 

Yili, Mengniu, Yanjing and other enterprises are signed with the public Dodec custom service robot. Alan was fortunate to be the first robot to enter the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.