Service Process 

1. product definition 

Rococo is user-focused, focused on the development of enterprises and industry trends, reshaping product strategies and product definitions that are appropriate for corporate strategy and industry competitiveness to achieve the commercial value of the product; 

Market positioning analysis 
Style intention diagram definition 
Experience concept definition 
User analysis 
Style keyword definition 
Operational process definition 
Marketing channel analysis 
Product function definition 
Man-machine size definition 
Selling point analysis 

2. Functional development 

Rococo's product innovation has a strong realizable, functional R & D protection can maximize the realization of product definition, Rococo's innovative research and development with a sound R & D process; 

Hardware selection list 
Product Feasibility Analysis Report 
Innovative structural design 
Testing and certification reports 
Architecture stack 
Innovative Structure Scheme Verification 
Functional system schematic 
Hardware PC8 Laryout 
Test platform to build 
Patent crack analysis 
Key Structure Design 

3. Product design 

Rococo's innovative product design can systematically interpret product positioning, deliver the true value of the product with the most appropriate look and ensure the fulfillment of product production; 

Product concept 
2D / 3D renderings 
Product reliability assessment 
Product semantic communication 
Silk screen and technology 
Product structure prototype verification 
Product feasibility analysis 
Sketch design 
Product cost analysis 

4. Production realization 

Rococo's supply chain team provides the most professional and effective support for the high quality and high value of the product. 

Industry Test Report 
Production process sorting 
Machine testing standards 
Mold verification 
Production statistics report 
Functional Verification 
IQC monitoring standards 
Mold making and test mode 
OQC testing standards



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