Rococo, scene laboratory, Jingdong co-sponsored the establishment

 Company News    |      2017-10-27

January 14, 2016, Rococo "Fusion" annual thanks to the feast, Rococo founder Jia Wei, Luo Si thinking co-founder, scene laboratory founder Wu Sheng, Jingdong public agglomerate Jin Yi, common Press the start button, the three parties officially announced the "scene application laboratory" was established.

With the continuous development of technology and the media constantly upgrading, the user's daily behavior showed obvious fragmentation characteristics, and gradually the birth of a new consumer form and consumption scenarios, the traditional business in this new business structure adjustment gradually lose vitality. At the same time, new consumer demand is far from being excavated and met. The market urgently needs a set of products that meet the needs of the current consumer and business values to match this new business pattern changes.

Scene Application Lab represents a product diagnosis and insight that aims to transform scene insights and diagnostics into an enforceable commercial closed-loop by means of scenario design, explosion-making product builds, and Rococo represents applications and product designs that represent The product of the popular and incubation, with the Jingdong mobilization of the flow of resources and incubation capabilities common discovery, mining new scenes, the definition of a new way of life, together to complete a track construction.

The three parties said that the Scenario Application Lab will be based on the user's new scenes and new technologies to experiment and design the future possibilities of business direction while upgrading and refactoring at the product, brand and business model level. Not only completed the closed-loop method of the methodology, but also means that after the first year of 2015 scene, 2016 will become the scene in the virtual reality, robots, intelligent devices and other new areas of life out of the year.



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