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 Industry News    |      2017-10-27
On the afternoon of July 9th, a theme event on how to build a eco-circle was held at the Beijing Rococo Innovative Design Group, sharing the "Innovative Products of the Information Age" from Rococo Kee Jiake, Eco-circle involved in the construction of intelligent hardware platform, product design, innovation trends ... ... this gathering will also create a circle of eco-circle has a vane significance. 

Software Science and Technology Commission leaders, Jingdong Financial President Chen Shengqiang, vice president of Jin Lin, Hong Tai Foundation founder Sheng Xitai, who attended the meeting, to participate in the activities are hard eggs, entrepreneurs, founder of the headquarters, Star Earth, 72, IC Coffee and so on dozens of strategic partners, investors and industry chain celebrities, we gathered together to discuss how to build a dynamic circle.

Jingdong financial Jinlin, to share their understanding of this era of entrepreneurship, he believes that with the Internet era grew up after 90, their thinking Westernization, the courage to dare to imagine the courage to innovate, while the rise of 90 after the rise of business also benefit from the times Changes in the consumer changes in China, the consumer market changes, we are in the best business era, entrepreneurial technology facilities are cheaper, in the past you can spend a decade of layout, and now 18 months did not put the product Made the team basically disbanded. Rapid iteration of the times, the era of rapid financing to help entrepreneurs quickly succeed. 

Roche Innovative Design Group founder Jia Wei brought the "information age of innovative products," he said he is a fan, first of all he shared his entrepreneurial story, from a station began to create today's Rococo Design Group The Today's time has changed, for the more difficult to create, and create a customer how to create innovative products. In the industrial age, emphasis is on science and technology, production, function, information age emphasizes the big data, big emotion, to the intelligent era emphasizes more intelligent sensing, intelligent cloud computing, intelligent end of various storage. To the wisdom of the times stressed the self-learning, self-control, since the iteration and so on the brain and other computing concepts. 

Luo Ke can use the Internet thinking + design thinking to create explosive models, with 55 degrees last year detonated the market. Of course, Rococo is not satisfied with just to do an era of designers, but also hope to become an era of beach-goers. In this era no one in the background, in this era everyone can have their own knowledge and ideas and their own business behavior to stand in the foreground, with an innovative product cold start the world. Rococo to create a true concept of 55 degrees, has now established a coalition system, 55 degrees + Jingdong + off the platform to do real industry Internet, with new energy to produce new value for customers based on hardware and software, based on Internet, APP, service-based products, brands and even business models. 

Hongtai Foundation founder Sheng Xitai share his point of view, the vertical incubator is more difficult to do, should rely on the platform; Jingdong Finance Vice President Chen Shengjiang, introduced the Jingdong people also hope that more fans together to play together; Union Secretary-General Liu Zhiguang share his experience of the creation of empty, he told us that public is not equal to coffee, but the stage of expression; public space is not equal to space, but innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, not too much Relying on the platform, more rely on their own service model, innovative incubation products.

Luo Keke general manager of science and technology Zhou Li brought the "shared era of entrepreneurial ecology," she believes that this is a good time, but also a bad times, the rise of the incubator and founder of the surging surging does not mean Today's business is easier than yesterday, on the contrary, today's entrepreneurship on innovation, creativity, create a higher demand, today's entrepreneurs need to know how to produce emotional resonance with the user, so that users scream. Now the user for the product quality, quality and taste of the higher demands of more opportunities for the platform to open up the platform to communicate, open resources, mutual cooperation, through brand joint, product co-release, joint incubation and sharing Industry trends report, to jointly enhance the overall success rate of start-ups and founders platform. This requires everyone to join, build a sub-eco-circle, sub-eco-circle is divided into five circles, the center layer to the user as the core, the main layer for the customer base, carrier layer for the platform, support layer for the big Group, the guide layer for the government, the five circles are interdependent, indispensable, in this ecological circle, embodies the centralization, altruism and sharing win-win situation, sharing model will create a new era for the creation of a new era Customers will enjoy a better quality, more polymerization, more efficient resources and services. 

Zhongqing Village CEO Innovation Association Chairman Wang Xiaoqing shared the "founder talk", he will be defined as not for profit for the purpose of user innovation for the purpose of the creative into reality, keen on creativity, design, manufacture, personal design and manufacturing groups. The process of entrepreneurship, not overnight, each age has every age of things, the core of a customer is in a short time dimension for the customer to do real things. A sub-eco-circle represents the participation of a group of people, is cross-industry between the fate of people. 

After the wonderful speeches of the guests, invited Jin Lin of Jingdong Finance, 72 founder Wu Qi, founder of the head of Champagne, founder of the general manager Zhou Li carried out a free exchange of salon. Focusing on the key resources of the status quo of China's eco-circle, and the future trend of sharing a share of their views. 

Moderator: the key resource of the present situation of China 

(Marketing, design, marketing, supply chain), entrepreneurship training is the most critical resources, when the art of entrepreneurship is science, entrepreneurship itself has the same resources, A lot of core resources, and industrial design is a short board, the current intelligent hardware team of industrial design, team background, different background, marketing promotion thinking, operational capacity will be different. 

Shang total: first of all to clear the public space customers, the core product capabilities. Only when you really understand who is your customer, what is the top customer really need? Based on these to do some related background research, and then the outstanding entrepreneurial talent to dig out and build strong relations, strong functional relationship. 

Wu total: a customer should do their own intelligence, from the intelligent hardware platform, there will be three levels, from idea to the demo can not really hatch to achieve into a product? Will the product become a commodity after baptism of the market? Where is the most realistic user community for smart hardware? 72 as a ring into the ring to do this is the smart hardware to the real C-side users and no longer limited to the smart circle from the Hey. Do not be self, do not YY, to the real needs and intelligent hardware combination, we are not looking at the intelligent hardware itself but to find a real solution to the demand. 

Zhou Li: What is a customer? Very innovative spirit, it is impossible to become possible, we have to according to the real needs of users to provide them with the appropriate services. Do investment, to see people, see the product, to create the founder's charisma. 
These are our key resources in the ecological circle, we play in the ecological circle of their own strength, and ultimately to achieve their own ecosphere, we are here, do their own links, the establishment of our ecological circle. 

What are the directions for our smart addition to smart hardware? Estimated trend of development? 

Wu total: from the past, the early advantage is to accumulate enough products, the bad thing is that the product is dying faster, but the user community is growing, this year began a good phenomenon, the real intelligent hardware To more reliable, is no longer a mandatory combination of soft and hard, no longer create false demand, the future of intelligent hardware must be diversified, personalized trend. 

Still in the field of education and teaching must have a large space and development. 

Jin Lin: Internet medical design, Internet education, O2O largest financial industry has a huge business space, and now more business focus on the C-side, and B-end business has a relatively large advantage. Founder only limited to the Internet, in fact, left a lot of space, we have to establish a real ecological circle. 

Zhou Li: We want more attention to people, but to group the breakdown to customize the product, the product and the crowd resonate, and meet the aesthetic; intelligent hardware will be sent to the community development.



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