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"Miao Zangjie, we created a team made a hand-held projector, cool and cool, the function is also very powerful.Think to see, where to go, holding the projector can display, the user pain point perfect to get Solve the case! "Shenzhen face a passionate team of a passion, LKK Rococo innovative design group National UED business group general manager Miao Zang had asked:" small partners, think about it, the projector Is the handheld function really useful in real life? Are you willing to explain the ppt when you hold the projector? " 

Miao Zang in September 24th LKK Rococo share day x cloud habitat conference · intelligent hardware and software summit series of activities in Beijing speech on the special sharing of this real case. After listening to the scene, the audience was deeply touched by their lack of entrepreneurs and fans groups, this recent fanatical and common morbid phenomenon can not sigh sigh.

Now the smart industry is at the outlet, a group of people blossom everywhere, some people are blind to follow the trend, and did not figure out their own business choice O2O or into the smart industry is the reason. After the big data, the big product era comes. In this era, the hottest smart hardware and software. The "Internet +" era, the user for smart hardware and software really what is pain, how to avoid the recurrence of the above-mentioned business events, LKK Luo Keke sharing day Beijing station speaker who provided LKK Rococo combat years of experience and methodology.

LKK Rocco Innovative Design Group Intelligent Hardware Division Innovation Product Director Li Fancong analysis of the current large product era of intelligent hardware product innovation trends. Intelligent industry can not only catalyze the production of large products, drive the improvement of business services, more able to follow the mass of life. Around the three major trends, enterprises in the creation of innovative intelligent hardware products, but also from the user's daily necessities to start to improve the frequency and use of time, not only can effectively improve the user sticky, more effective collection of reliable, accurate user data The Statistics and analysis of large data, the production and optimization of intelligent products play a vital role.

To understand the development trend of the smart industry, aimed at those who know ourselves, know yourself. But the specific product refinement program by LKK Rococo innovative design group intelligent hardware business innovation product manager Feng Jiaqing his right. Feng Jiaqing will be attributed to the five methods and eight law. In short, intelligent innovation products must proceed from the user needs, build a scene structure, and constantly close to the public life and more ways to establish a social service system. In the context of the era of large products, the use of products for users to participate in the sense of experience and rapid increase in demand to meet the immediate participation of users in order to produce intertwined, everyone interactive ecological circle. 

As the co-organizer of the Hangzhou Yunsheng Conference in 2015, LKK Rococo will hold the "Yunxu Conference Luoco Smart Hardware Summit" during the conference period. In addition to the 24th 3rd station Beijing event, Four stations in Shanghai to speak outside, during the 11 will also have more online museums and other exciting content, for intelligent hardware and software field for multi-dimensional interpretation.



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